Fatbrain AI's ($LZGI) - Introduces

IntellAgent Advisor 

The ultimate AI-powered sales tool for insurance agents.

Elevate your success, expand your book of business, save time and money.

Outperform Your Competition

  • Win more new business.
  • Maximize your revenue potential with existing clients.
  • Increase your productivity by 60%.
  • Put your customer's needs first.
  • Guarantee E&O Compliance.




Know Your Client With a Few Clicks

  • Begin with simply providing the business name and address.
  • Harness the power of top-tier data providers to gain instant insights into your clients and enhance underwriting outcomes.
  • Effortlessly evaluate the potential risks, factors leading to loss, and effective measures to reduce them for every type of coverage.
  • Ask clients only for the necessary information that cannot be automatically obtained.
  • Rapidly compare and contrast coverages against similar companies.

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